All Myles-Lea's clients feel they have commis-sioned an art work that places their lovingly created property and gardens in the context of the country house tradition. His paintings are often given as birthday or anniversary gifts and are treated as future heirlooms by the families that own them.

The unveiling of the work provides a delightful opportunity to get together with friends and family for a celebration of house and home. Commissioning a painting from Myles-Lea is a thoroughly enjoyable and lasting experience. His paintings are biographical portraits, joyfully recording the lives and homes of the individuals he depicts.


The price of a painting can usually be estimated by studying aerial photographs of the property or by using Google maps. However, in order to calculate a more accurate price it is necessary to visit the site. The size of the completed painting also affects the price, although Myles-Lea's standard size is 42" x 30" (50" x 38" framed).

Since 1991 Myles-Lea's services have been
in constant demand, therefore he has not
required an agent or a gallery to sell his work.
By representing himself the artist ensures that his prices remain fair, and are not artificially inflated by fees paid to third parties. He also believes that working directly with clients preserves the ancient patronage tradition and results in more more successful works of art.

Stage 1. During his first visit Myles-Lea photographs the entire site and creates detailed survey drawings.


Ownership and Duration of Copyright

Jonathan Myles-Lea owns the copyright of all his own paintings, drawings and photographs.

The general rule is that the artist is the first owner of copyright in an artistic work. The main exception is where an illustration or painting is made in the course of employment, in which case the employer owns the copyright. An independent artist always owns the copyright of his work.

Copyright protection in the UK is automatic and there is no registration system. Copyright is a form of intellectual property and, like physical property, can be bought and sold, inherited or otherwise transferred. First or subsequent copyright owners can choose to license others to use their works whilst retaining ownership themselves.

Copyright in a artistic work (including a photograph) lasts until 70 years after the death of the artist.

Reproduction of Works by Jonathan Myles-Lea

Jonathan Myles-Lea regularly grants permission for his work to be reproduced free of charge for non-commercial purposes, such as for research, private study, publicity for exhibitions, criticism and reviews. However, fees are charged if an image is to be used for commercial purposes, such as any type of reproduction intended for retail, including reproduction of his paintings, drawings or photographs as postcards, prints, book covers, end-papers or illustrations. In all cases it is necessary to clearly acknowledge the artist's name and his ownership of copyright of the image. Permission for the use of images can be obtained directly from the artist at:

House & Garden Portraits

Portraits of houses and gardens in oils to commission


Photographic portraits or painted in oils on gessoed linen or on panel.


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